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* There are dishes with a gluten-free option
Bread and dips
Chef's herbal infusion
Starters / First Course
Starters / First Course Choice of two half-portion first course or one first course
Crispy iceberg, peanut butter vinaigrette and peanut crumble
Roasted tomatoes with cheese fondue, buffalo mozzarella, sweet balsamic and croutons
Veal "baklava" with delicate coconut cream, sweet potato with ginger, cinnamon, tahini, date honey, pistachios and nuts
Liver pate with cherry tomato jam
Shawarma, Colorful carrots and market salad - vegan Tofu
Main Course
Roasted Beetroot & ricotta cheese tortellini with lemon cream, candied pecan & croutons
Green curry risotto - vegan
Sea fish kebab, Boris's matbucha, goat yogurt and red chili
Roasted young chicken served with grilled antipasti and pearl onions broth
Mini entrecote hamburgers and fresh vegetables from the market
Bread and dips
Chef's herbal infusion
First Course
Crispy iceberg, peanut butter, vinaigrette, Truffles Brie cheese and peanut crumble
Homemade shallot ravioli, shimeji mushrooms, tomato raisins, cheese fondue and candied pecans
Finely chopped vegetables from the market, olive oil and lemon
"Shakshuka sashimi" -seared red tuna, fresh "Shakshuka" and a six minutes' egg (Surcharge 10)
Beef carpaccio, mustard, green leaves and parmesan
Veal sweetbread served with sweet potato tortellini, sunchoke cream and pearl onions (Surcharge 15)
Main Course
Truffle and goat cheese ravioli, white wine butter and Thassos olives
Sea bass served with shallot ravioli and porcini foam
Caramelized salmon served with coconut mousse, gnocchi, wild mushrooms, zucchini, Coriander, basil and mint
Hanger steak, merlot sauce, caramelized onions, smoked puree, and mushrooms duxelles (Surcharge 10)
Strips of beef fillet, mushrooms and potato cream in a chestnut balsamic stock / Madagascar peppercorns stock (Surcharge 10)
Cannelloni, mushrooms & Truffle duxelles, lemon fondue, spinach and tomato - Vegan