First courses
Breads and dips 21 ₪
Brick oven focaccia bread 28 ₪
Finely chopped vegetables from the market, olive oil and lemon 48 ₪
Crispy iceberg, peanut butter, vinaigrette, Truffles Brie cheese and peanut crumble 64 ₪
Tofu Shawarma and market salad 58 ₪
Roasted tomatoes with cheese fondue, buffalo mozzarella, sweet balsamic and croutons 62 ₪
Homemade shallot ravioli, Shimeji mushrooms, tomato raisins, cheese fondue and candied pecans 66 ₪
Pani Puri, sea fish tartare, green curry cream, Sesame & lemon grass syrup, crunchy rice and coconut cream 76 ₪
"Shakshuka sashimi" - seared tuna, fresh "Shakshuka", six minutes egg and peppers Sandwich 76 ₪
Potato gnocchi, shrimp, blue cheese fondue, bisque and quail yolk 82 ₪
Purple calamari, foie gras relish, yuzu cream and puff black quinoa 76 ₪
Veal sweetbread, sweet potato tortellini, sunchoke cream and pearl onions broth 82 ₪
Liver pate with pears sorbet, bougatsa patisserie and cherry tomato jam 76 ₪
Veal "baklava", coconut cream, sweet potato & ginger, cinnamon, tahini, date honey pistachios and nuts 62 ₪
Caramelized foie gras carpaccio, tahini, honey date, dried fruit Biscotti and Sweet spices 98 ₪
Seared foie gras with white chocolate "Valrhona" lemon sauce with a shot of Sassy Chocolate 112 ₪
Beef carpaccio, mustard, green leaves and parmesan 64 ₪
Main courses
Truffle and goat cheese ravioli, white wine butter and Thassos olives 98 ₪
Green curry risotto- Vegan 98 ₪
Caramelized salmon, soy, coconut cream, gnocchi, wild mushrooms, zucchini, coriander, basil and mint 152 ₪
Sea bass fillet, smoked eggplant, goat cheese and hyssop tortellini, sun chock cream, tomatoes and garlic confit 164 ₪
Grouper fish, sweet garlic crust, pasta sheet and light tomato butter 188 ₪
Shrimp and purple calamari, foie gras relish, yuzu cream and puff black quinoa 164 ₪
Our steak cuts, Fire bone potatoes, olive oil, rosemary and garlic confit
65 Nis per 100 gr
Beef fillet and potato cream in a chestnut balsamic stock / Madagascar peppercorns stock 168 ₪
Hanger steak, merlot sauce, caramelized onions, smoked puree and mushrooms duxelles 156 ₪
Tornado Rossini - MESSA Style, Truffle Cream and Merlot broth 232 ₪
Lamb chops, lamb sweet breads & entrecote "Strudel", crispy gnocchi and tomato & saffron fondue 217 ₪
Entrecote Mini hamburgers and fresh vegetables from the market 88 ₪